Marco Antonio Solís got his nickname from the musical band Los Bukis: the word comes from the Yaqui language and we tell you its meaning | Famous

The singer Marco Antonio Solís has been on the public scene for more than 40 years, during which time, in addition to winning the affection of the public, he has earned a unique nickname: ‘el Buki’.

Many fans will remember that this is because his musical career began with the group of the same name in the plural, but even behind that history, the nickname hides another meaning.

In fact, the voice of ‘My eternal secret love’ and ‘If you hadn’t gone’ has commented on several occasions what the real connotation of the word is, although for many it has gone unnoticed. A detail that may surprise his fans is that it has its origin in an indigenous language. Read on to find out.

Marco Antonio Solís began his career with ‘Los Bukis’

The fame of the performer as a soloist has been such that some may forget that he started in a musical group. Around the 70s, he founded with his cousin Joel Solís the band Los Bukis.

A little-known detail about the group is that, in the beginning, they tried different names such as El Dueto Solís, Los Soles Tarascos and Los hermanitos Solís. In fact, with the latter they made their debut on the television program ‘Always on Sunday’.

However, in the end they decided on Los Bukis and the rest of the story is well known: they became the sensation of the moment to the point that their fame crossed borders beyond Mexico. Songs like ‘Quiéreme’, ‘My greatest need’ and ‘How I fell in love with you’ were playing everywhere.

The success of the band accompanied them until 1996, when they announced their separation. After this, the leader and vocalist continued his solo career with great success.

Fortunately for their fans, between 2021 and 2022 they have had a reunion tour, with which they have delighted them by memorizing their old successes.

The meaning of ‘bukis’

On multiple occasions, Marco Antonio Solís has explained where the name of the group that brought him to fame came from. The most recent of them was on April 30, 2022.

In his Twitter account, he commented that buki or bukis is the word with which children are designated in the Yaqui language. It is commonly used in the Mexican state of Sonora, since that is where said indigenous people reside.

Since all the members of the band were minors when they began their careers, the nickname suited them perfectly.