Marco Wanda declares war on sexual harassment at concerts

The band Wanda wants to offer the audience amore and joie de vivre at their concerts. However, the musical experience in Innsbruck left a bitter aftertaste for some female fans. A woman made it public on social media that she had been subjected to repeated sexual harassment from men and that other visitors felt the same.

As the frontman of the band, Marco Michael Wandaupon learning of this, he reacted in shock as he spoke to Ö3 said. “I always asked myself the question: Has this happened more often? Was the woman the first to have the courage to say that? On how many evenings in my life that I actually wanted to make people happy is a single one such a misfortune happened?”

Clear words against hate

He doesn’t want men at concerts who behave in this way towards women. “I can only say in no uncertain terms that any feeling of hatred or dislike towards women has absolutely no place at our concerts. Anyone who thinks like that and is in that mood should please return their ticket, because I don’t want to sing for them . Never ever!”, the musician finds clear words.

In order to get the problem under control, the security forces should receive a special briefing so that they can act more quickly and in a more targeted manner. He also calls on all visitors to report such incidents immediately so that the perpetrators can be found quickly.