Marcos Valdés called Luis de Llano an “arrogant lout”

Marcos Valdés expressed that his experience with Luis de Llano was "terrible" (Photo: Instagram)
Marcos Valdés expressed that his experience with Luis de Llano was “terrible” (Photo: Instagram)

The case that has given much to talk about currently in terms of entertainment, is that of Sasha Sokol who denounced the abuse she suffered from Luis de Llano in their teenage years.

The former Timbiriche used her social networks to denounce in a statement published within the framework of International Women’s Day that, after years of reflection, was able to elucidate that what he experienced next to the creative producer was a relationship based on the abuse of power and described as “a crime” that the veteran had “put her in his bed” when she was just a girl.

And there have been some celebrities who have spoken of the rugged case. For her part, those who defended Sasha by showing her admiration for the courage of the actress were her former colleagues Erik Rubin, Benny Ibarra and Mariana Garzaas well as guild characters such as Mauricio Martinez -who told his own story of abuse against the ex manager Toño Berumen, Laura Zapata, Gloria Calzada, Ana Brenda Contreras, Elisa Beristain, Haydeé Navarra and Stephanie Salas.

De Llano has remained totally silent since Sasha's statement was released (Photos: Twitter @@DiarioCoahuila // Instagram @sashasokolova)
De Llano has remained totally silent since Sasha’s statement was released (Photos: Twitter @@DiarioCoahuila // Instagram @sashasokolova)

Now a new voice has emerged that recounted his experience with the successful producer of groups such as Timbiriche, Kabah, Garibaldi and Los Chicos del Boulevard, and of well-remembered soap operas and television programs such as Cachún-cachún-ra-ra, Pink shoelaces, Single dad and To reach a star.

It was precisely in this last telenovela where the son of the late Manuel Crazy Valdés had an unpleasant experience with Julissa’s brother. Although he avoided talking frontally about the subject of Sasha and Luis, Marcos Valdés spoke of the attitude he perceived on the part of the directorwhich left a bad taste in his mouth.

This was announced by the actor on the YouTube channel of the journalist Marco Antonio Silva: “The truth is that I reserve my opinion regarding Luis de Llano, because he is a lout, a rude person, arroganta person who hopefully pays everything he owes because he vetoed me, when I asked him for permission to do some dates, when he was in To reach a starmade me return from Chihuahua to record a phone scene, and from the morning he passed it to me in the afternoon so that I would miss the flight, “he said.

Valdés is half brother of Cristian Castro (Photo: File)
Valdés is half brother of Cristian Castro (Photo: File)

The also television host said he supported the singer of roll my mind and expressed his desire that De Llano be judged for what happened more than 30 years ago.

“So I’m with Sasha, I think it’s good that people who abuse minors pay, no matter the time, I think he deserves to go out and face what he did with Sasha and who knows who else has done it with, “he added.

The member of the famous Valdés dynasty, to which they belong Tintan, Don Ramón, El Locoand The mouse Valdés, once again emphasized De Llano’s presumption and compared him with other filmmakers with whom he said they work much better:

“Luis de Llano is very complicated, very loutish, he is an arrogant person, he is not a nice person with whom you can work; there are great beautiful producers you work with and they are divineLuis de Llano is not the case, he is not a good person, he is not a person who loves you, he only uses you, “he said.

Marcos Valdés no longer wants any more conflicts in his father's family, so he will not ask to participate in the comedian's announced bioseries (IG: medmundovaldes)
Marcos Valdés no longer wants any more conflicts in his father’s family, so he will not ask to participate in the comedian’s announced bioseries (IG: medmundovaldes)

However, Valdés praised the career of Rita Macedo’s son, but condemned the fact that he abuses his condition to commit irregularities: “He is a good producer in the histrionic sense, he has done great things like Timbiriche, in his time, but what what is terrible is that he abuses his power. He is an arrogant person, ”he stressed.


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