Marcos Valdés rants against Luis de Llano

While opinions are divided on Louis of Llanoafter being accused of Sasha Sokol of abusing her when she was a minorMarcos Valdes made clear his opinion of the producer after his personal experience.

The journalist Marco Antonio Silva published an interview on his YouTube channel with the presenter, who did not want to go into details, but the words he spoke were enough to put Luis in his place.

“The truth is that I reserve my opinion regarding Luis de Llano, because he is a lout, a rude, arrogant person, a person who hopefully pays everything he owes because he vetoed me, when I asked him for permission to do some dates, When I was in ‘Reaching for a Star’, he made me come back from Chihuahua to record a telephone scene, and he passed it on to me from the morning to the afternoon so that I would miss the flight.

“So I’m with Sasha, I think It is good that people who abuse minors pay, no matter the time, I think he deserves to come out and face for what he did with Sasha and who knows who else he has done it with. ”

and reiterated: “Luis de Llano is very complicated, very loutish, he is an arrogant person, he is not a pretty person, with whom you can work; there are great beautiful producers with whom you work and they are divine, Luis de Llano is not the case, he is not a good person, he is not a person who loves you, he only uses you “.

“He is a good producer in the histrionic sense, he has done great things, like Timbiriche, in his time, but what is terrible is that he abuses his power. He is an arrogant person,” said Marcos Valdés.