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Marcos Wittone of the most influential singer-songwriters in Christian music, will arrive in Lima to perform at the free musical concert called “Gracias a Dios”, next Saturday, December 17, on Avenida de La Peruanidad (Campo de Marte), in Jesús María .

The American artist arrives in our country after winning his sixth Latin Grammy in the city of Las Vegas, for the production “Viviré” in the Best Christian Album category (in Spanish).

Witt will meet the Peruvian public in this special worship gala along with other artists such as YADAH, Jean Paul Strauss, Max Castro, William Luna, Homero, Dilio Galindo de Antología, Ruby Palomino, Jhony Rojas, María Jesús Rodríguez.

Thanks god“It will be a time in which not only the artists but also the entire audience will be able to give thanks to our creator and thus renew their religious faith through music and singing.

The data:

Admission to the concert is free. Those who wish to attend the event can collect their tickets at the Teleticket modules or enter online. In both cases, making the payment of 3 soles for the issuance of the entrance ticket.

More about the artist

Marcos Witt was born in Texas in 1962. He is a singer, songwriter, author, speaker, and pastor. In his nearly 40-year career, the performer has released more than 45 albums and sold more than 10 million copies worldwide.

Among his most requested songs are: Renuévame (he even feat with Juan Luis Guerra), Your eyes reveal, Early I will look for you, Your fidelity, God unstoppable, You are beautiful, The announcement, to name a few titles.

About his most recent production: Viviré came out in September 2021 and was produced by Carlitos López and Marcos Witt himself. It is a studio album that contains ten songs and that has the collaboration of important exponents of Christian music such as Lilly Goodman and Kim Richards (Un Corazón). Another of Viviré’s highlights is the participation of the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.


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