Marcus Ornellas, faces a role full of contrasts – El Sol de México

When close loved ones have been struck by cancer so far in the last two pandemic years, actor Marcus Ornellas with this personal affliction is more than committed to the leading role in No man’s wife, whose characterization of Ferdinand in tandem with Livia Brito, Lucía; She takes the bull by the horns and teaches her performance in 45 episodes that consists of the telenovela produced by Giselle González, to be released this Monday the 13th at half past nine on the Las Estrellas channel.

During a break from the recordings at the San Ángel forum, in an interview with The Sun of Mexicoaccepted that throughout his career, “Fernando is one of those characters with many nuances, the only one so far in my career without a doubt, and I am very grateful for the freedom given to me to embody him.

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“We have looked for Fernando that multicolority so to speak so that he is not the good good or the bad bad; but there is an intermediate that the same enjoys that he suffers, he is happy, smiles, loves as he hates, that hugs that pushes, that helps or removes ”.

This is how he describes Ferdinand, the man who has a family transport company. He is the oldest of the brothers and represents the father figure in the absence of his biological father in the family. He has to protect his mother and his brothers. Given this fact, he relies on his best friend Sergio Bonilla, Diego. While he has put aside the love part to be his priority the care of family assets, so he is single.

Marcus Ornellas as Livia Brito is accompanied in the new scenes by the actor Arap Bethke, the antagonists Cynthia Klitbo and Azela Robinson. Also leading actresses like Rosa María Bianchi, without missing the youthful Ale Müller, Juan Arias, Sergio Bonilla and Roberto Soto, the villain of the story.

Between love, passion, lack of love, betrayals will be handled in this melodrama of No man’s wife, whose history will also denounce domestic violence, rape,


Marcus Ornellas had known since November of last year that he was Fernando in No man’s wife, after the call of the producer Giselle González. However, in this time of pandemic, the actor has not escaped the tragedies of his closest loved ones and pauses briefly for seconds to talk about the subject. The Sun of Mexico:

“In this 45-episode melodrama, the theme of leukemia is addressed and that of coincidences in the last two years of the pandemic, my loved ones did not get Covid, however, cancer has affected me more than the virus.

“In my family there have been no victims of Covid, but there have been victims of cancer; and this has been in the intermission of If they leave us and now in Nobody’s Woman, if I have had some people very close to me affected and it has been difficult to cope with it, even when in the parallel novel there are cases and they don’t know, they are moments of capital and strong catharsis, where I was able to vent in fiction”, he detailed.

The actor of Brazilian origin referred that No man’s wife“This leading man comes to me at my best moment as an actor, which when it was confirmed gave me great joy, because I remembered that when I arrived in Mexico, around 2005, I went to live in the Historic Center, it was being remodeled and the eyelashes of the houses are low, unlike my height, and I hit myself several times,” he reported.

He accepted that “if I have matured more as an actor and person, thanks to all the people around me and I hope to continue growing as an actor.

“My acting teacher René told me when he gave me classes: Marcus, you already have beauty, it won’t last forever; what we have to work on is your acting part, we are going to develop it. He has to turn out to be a good actor and now for the gain you have a good physical appearance, he’s wonderful!

“In my case as Marcus Ornellas, I have dedicated myself to growing and improving more in my performances in soap operas every day more as an artist. And I have tried not to base my career on the aesthetic part, and that’s it; now what I focus and determined to evolve as an actor.

Marcus Ornellas, protagonist of No man’s wifemelodrama in which he plays Ferdinand in 45 episodes that will air in two months and a week on channel 2.1 at 9:30 p.m., whose schedule left the series The Last King The son of the people with a high rating that gracefully closed with the image of Vicente’s mother Fernández and him who was waiting for him to go together to the next dimension.