Marcus Ornellas had a relationship with an older woman just like in Si Nos Dejan | Famous

Marcus Ornella He successfully starred in Si Nos Dejan alongside Mayrín Villanueva and Alexis Ayala, where he played a man who falls in love with an older woman. Like his character, the actor confessed that in their teens had a relationship with someone much older.

The Brazilian considers that in love there is no age: “They are numbers and numbers when one is in love are useless, basically does not affect love, they do not contribute or subtract in a relationship,” he said in a recent meeting with the press, Eden Dorantes reported.

In the telenovela, Martín is the character he gave life to, who falls in love with Alicia, a woman a few years older than him. However, in real life he had a relationship with a woman 20 years older.

“I was young, I was 14 years old, 15 , I had a ‘crush’ with quite a (wide) difference, like almost 20 years“, he confessed.

attracted the attention of older women

“It’s like women older than me approached me, I was always very tall, very big, so I always pretended to be older than I had.”

However, he confessed that he did not dislike it: ” There was that attraction […] But that was a long time ago,” he told the media.

Marcus started a family with someone younger

Although in his youth he was attracted to older women, he now maintains a stable relationship with Ariadne Díaz, with whom he has a son. The actress is 36 years old, while the actor is 39.