Mareva Galanter shocked by this participant in Miss France 2023, she explains

While waiting for the announcements from the Miss France Committee, Mareva Galanter has buttons that are growing. This decision, she will NEVER forgive!

Mareva Galanter, alone against All?

Mareva Galanter adored this second millennium. And for good reason, a few days before switching to the 2000s, the French believe that she is the most beautiful woman in France as well as in the DOM-TOMs. She has never been so proud as to be born on the soil of Polynesia. Moreover, for the anecdote, know that she voluntarily kept this little accent so characteristic. As for her experience, she does not regret a crumb. She assumes that it was a springboard for the rest of her adventures.

Screenshot (c) TF1 (c) 50 minutes inside

Today in a relationship with host Arthur, nothing seems to reach him. On her little cloud, she continues to trace her path, while committing herself to the causes that are close to her heart. Alas, a news will deeply spoil his happiness. How come the committee miss France validated this dark idea? Feeling invested with a mission and in her own way, she will then warn the public. Objeko knows he can count on her not to go with the back of the spoon! Let’s go, we tell you everything!

Mareva Galanter: Miss France is changing…what do you think?

When she participated in miss France, Mareva Galanter ticked all the caches. She was in the right range of age, but also of measurements. Indeed, despite the fact that it is complicated, those who are less than 1 meter 70 are not allowed to compete in this great adventure. Obviously, it would seem that this selection criterion is modeled on all model agency contracts. However, all this tends to evolve or even change radically!

Dear reader ofObjeko, the fact that a transgender candidate is one of the potential recruits of Miss Paris does not shock Mareva Galanter that much. Indeed, by going through the contract, we realize that those who claim to succeed him must be “iregistered in the civil registry as being of female s*x*“. We then understand that it is not enough to be born woman » to be able to dream of putting on this famous princess crown.

Mareva Galenter steps up to the plate!

At the moment, rumors announce that Sylvie Tellier would be leaving. The one who took the place of the lady in the hat has not yet reacted. It was without counting on our colleagues from Latest News from Alsace to throw yet another scoop. Victoire Rousselot has exceeded the age limit for registration. For three years, she struggled to raise her toddler. Is all this really compatible with the tiresome reign of a miss France ? Not according to Mareva Galanter who is stepping up like never before!

Invited to our colleagues from Buzz-TV Figaro, Mareva Galanter does not mince words. ” [Être] miss France [demande] such a daily commitment. It’s very difficult. As if to justify herself, she gives two or three arguments that will leave no one indifferent. In his eyes, it is impossible to manage a fulfilling family life and this colorful schedule.

Mareva Galanter knows what she’s talking about. His princess Manava will soon blow out her seventh candle. Running everywhere to manage her career and her private life, Arthur’s wife makes sure to ” free up time to pick her up from school or spend weekends. » However, the one who hopes to succeed Diane Leyre does not have as many slots at her disposal.

For or against?

It will be understood, wanting to access such a title requires rigor and organization. In short, it can’t be improvised! Two decades after her fanfare victory, even Elodie Gossuin has decided to take a break! Who do you think will have the last word in this case? Continued in the next issue of‘Objeko !

Thank you to our colleagues from Buzz-TV