Margarita Rosa de Francisco responded to Mario Hernández, who treated her as “old”

Last March 18, WEEK reported about a publication by Margarita Rosa de Francisco on Twitter, in which the actress, with an ideology close to that of Gustavo Petro, assured that on May 29 she will risk voting for the presidential candidate of the Historical Pact, whom she does not considers a threat like Hugo Chavez was in Venezuela.

In its post, the famous assured that although she is oblivious to the ideas of former president Álvaro Uribe, she is aware that, according to her, he is right about something: “Petro is more intelligent than Chávez. That is why I risk believing that, if he becomes president, he will not lead the country as the commander did. I take a risk, yes. That’s the word,” De Francisco wrote on the social network.

The statements to which the actress refers are from a few months ago, when Álvaro Uribe said that “Dr. Petro is much more intelligent than Chávez” and other leftist politicians in Latin America, although he reaffirmed that he considers him to be a “danger” for the country.

However, parallel to this news came another that had Mario Hernández as the protagonist. In the post that WEEK made the article, the businessman was one of the Internet users who responded, assuring, beyond the ideas proposed by Margarita Rosa, that she was old.

“Margarita Rosa got old”wrote the man who is 24 years older than her.

However, when it seemed that things had calmed down, the presenter also decided to respond, again through Twitter. Although she does not quote the businessman in the publication, everyone knows that it is the response to the man’s comment in the news of WEEK.

“Since I look older I feel happier. I never would have imagined it,” De Francisco wrote, notably proud of her age and the experience she has brought into her life.

As expected, this message was supported by some people and criticized by others, many of them citing the political debate that De Francisco had proposed days before when he openly said that he would support Gustavo Petro for the Presidency of Colombia.

“I also feel better and better. Too bad that Mr. Mario Hernández does not feel comfortable and has to talk about a woman’s physique”; “It is that old age is experience and good living, but you want to lose it by giving your vote to Petro, who will grab everything for him”; “That thing that criticizes you so much is what makes you look more and more authentic and beautiful. An intelligent woman, who challenges, who confronts, who analyzes, who interprets, a true artist” and “More fanatic too!”, Are some of the comments that can be read in the publication.

This is not the first time that Margarita Rosa de Francisco has been attacked by her physique on social networks. On other occasions, the tweeters have assured that her face and her body are typical of a drug addicted woman, specifically, a marijuana user.

However, as she did on this occasion, the actress has always tried to respond gracefully to her critics, even assuring that she has no idea why “the moralists of this banana plantation (Colombia) insist that I like marijuana. Actually, I hate her. My thing is hard drugs.

“What are the hard drugs that I like? Nietzsche, Heidegger, Derrida. Pure psychedelia,” she clarified.

“At least you’re stuck right now, your thing is bazuco, mija, you’re just like Pirry”, “Margarita Rosa, it doesn’t really matter what people say, or what you consume. The only important thing is that wonderful and sensitive human being that you are” and “Hahaha I also love vitamin E and C. I don’t know what’s harder about iron”are some of the messages that have been left to De Francisco in relation to this topic.