Margaux throws copies of her personal text messages, big revelations!

The most famous of the candidates of Do not forget the lyrics surprised more than one Saturday, April 30, 2022. On her Twitter account, she revealed screenshots of her personal text messages. She thus shares with the general public an exchange full of love with another great Maestro: Caroline.

We remember Caroline for her good score, achieved in October 2021. The young woman indeed won 56 victories. She thus rises to the second greatest Maestro, just behind Margaux. But the two singers do not play elbows. On the contrary: there is no competition between them!

On his side, Margaux holds the title of grand champion of the show Do not forget the lyrics. An essential figure in the musical game presented by Nagui, Margaux has won 59 victories. The young woman can boast of having collected 530,000 euros in kitty. This young Breton of 25 thus ranks as the greatest Maestro in the history of this game show.

We make a wonderful couple. »

The public discovered it on December 28, 2019. That day, the young woman was taking her first steps on the set of Nagui. Since then, she has climbed the victory steps without stopping. Unfortunately, she had to stop on February 3, eliminated from the game. The champion therefore returns her silver microphone. But she continues to participate from time to time in the spotlight of Do not forget the lyrics. To the delight of his fans!

The one now nicknamed Queen Margaux can in any case benefit from her winnings. Indeed, Margaux was able to buy a beautiful house. “I bought it a year ago, in a town near Saint-Malo. It’s a small house with a garden in a housing estate”she declared to our colleagues from Télé Star in December 2021.

Since her elimination, the young Breton has also followed “an internship that went well in May in a veterinary clinic”. But that’s not all ! If rumors circulated about a potential surgery, the main interested party fell in any case for a tattoo and also recently offered an amazing cat tattoo.

A one-of-a-kind relationship…

And on December 28, she celebrated her two years in NPLP on Facebook. 2 years already. Two years ago to the day I picked up this silver microphone: 530,000 euros in earnings (not counting the masters…), meetings and precious friendships today, moments of sharing each year at tournaments, masters… , a tour scheduled for 2022, a crazy community on social networks (not to mention the bad guys). I’m a little lost in the head of the girl in this photo and if someone had told me two years ago what I will live afterward I would not have believed it… Thank you life, thank you Don’t forget lyrics and thank you.”, she shared to her subscribers.

And to continue:With confinement, like everyone else, I was locked up a lot. Thanks to the show, I was able to become an owner very quickly. I have the same life as before but I enjoy myself more. I am recognized despite the mask. It is, however, quite occasional. It’s really benevolent. On social networks, I did not expect to have so many fans. On Facebook, there are some negative reviews. I try to take a step back.”, she noted in the columns of Télé Star.

Margaux: ” Come let’s get married. »

Far from the Facebook haters, Margaux therefore prefers to focus on her relationship with Caroline. ” I’m with some friends, they say you’re too beautiful. », she says one day to Caroline by SMS. ” You are so cute, I fell in love with us on ‘when the music is good’. », then replies the other maestro. And to add: We make a wonderful couple. » The two singers have thus forged a very strong bond. ” Come let’s get married. », Margaux then lets go of him. This to Caroline responds immediately: Come on, let’s love each other, we don’t care. »

Margaux did not hesitate to share screenshots of these SMS exchanges. She tells her followers: And meanwhile, our conversations with Caroline. » Fans of both women loved: You two are awesome” It’s very beautiful to see such a beautiful friendship.” or ” best duet. » Moving!