Margot (Love is in the meadow) reveals the identity of her darling: her touching statement


In Love is in the meadow, Margot left the adventure heartbroken by the love story being born between Guillaume du Limousin and Noémie. This big sorrow is behind her. Since she is now in a relationship with. And she gave him a nice statement. Don’t worry, Objeko’s editorial staff will tell you everything about it. Are you ready ?

Margot very worthy in Love is in the meadow

Several months ago now, viewers did Margot’s acquaintance. And the least we can say is that everything was not won in advance. Initially, the young woman had left many Internet users wary. But finally, she was able to seduce the fans of Love is in the meadow by splitting the armour. They particularly appreciated the maturity she showed when her suitor chose her rival.

During the show, Margot had preferred to leave, to let Guillaume and Noémie enjoy. Besides, she hadn’t dared to cry in front of him, for fear of hurting him:” It’s like that. I didn’t want to crack in front of him because for him it’s already very complicated. If I’m like that in front of him he will say to himself “Oh my God‘ , he will be sorry, I don’t want him to be sorry. That’s how it is.”

The young woman is in a relationship

True to form, Margot showed no bitterness towards Guillaume. Moreover, on social networks, she wanted to reassure everyone about her condition: “I wanted to thank you for all your kind messages. It was a very nice experience! And just how happy I am today, I wish, as I have already said, all the happiness in the world to Guillaume and Noémie”. A sentence that made tilt among fans of the show.

If some put a lot time to recover, this was not the case with Margot. Yes, since the end of filming, the young woman is in a relationship. This is what she said recently on social media:I apologize in advance for disappointing some people but indeed since the filming of the show, I found boots on my feet. I thank you and wish good things to everyone”.

Margot declares her love for her darling

This November 22, Margot published a new story on social networks. Above, we can see a tractor in a field. In the background the song I promise you from Zaho, a true declaration of love to his dear and tender tagged at the bottom of the publication. As you can see, for her and the chosen one of her heart, a certain Victoric, love is in the meadow.