Margrethe II deprived her grandchildren of titles: what concretely changes for them this year

The ax fell, Denmark lost three princes and a princess. Last September, the Queen Margrethe II made the courts of Europe tremble by announcing that she was going impeach four of his grandchildrenthe prince nikolai (23 years old), the prince felix (20 years), the prince henrik (13 years old) and the princess athena (10 years). His decision came into effect on January 1.

The prince’s four children Joachim from Denmark (the second of the two children of Queen Margrethe II) are now demoted to Earls and Countess. But this is not the only change induced by the thunderclap decided by the Danish sovereign, which deeply divides the royal family and the nation. Henceforth none of Count Nikolai, Felix, Henrik and Countess Athena can no longer represent the Crown Danish during public events.

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Why did Margrethe II depose four of her grandchildren?

So that means for the two young men and the two children the end of their involvement during official acts. They cannot otherwise no longer fulfill the obligations of the Crown. However, the big decision of Margrethe II of Denmark does not change the place of Nikolai, Felix, Henrik and Athena in the order of succession to the Danish throne. Thereby, Count Nikolai, the Queen’s first grandchild, remains seventh in the line of succession. Little chance that he will one day reach the throne. And the statistics are even less favorable to his three brothers and sister.

Since the announcement of Margrethe II in September, the queen has never spoken publicly on the subject, and the palace has given no specific justification for its decision. “There is a deafening silence and I don’t understand it”was surprised last October the royal correspondent Jacob Heinel Jensen, in the columns of the Danish media BT.

Photo credits: Royalportraits Europe/Bernard Ruebsamen