María Antonieta de las Nieves “La Chilindrina” is looking for a boyfriend

Almost three years after being widowed, Marie Antoinette of the Snows, Known worldwide for giving life to La Chilindrina, she claims to be ready to fall in love again at 72 years old. Although she assures that she will never get over the death of her husband, the announcer Gabriel Fernández, with whom she was married for 48 years, she admits to feeling very lonely, and she wants to find a man to keep her company. And although she has always kept her personal life private, in an exclusive interview she shared with us how she has to be the gentleman she would even be willing to marry again.

How are you after the COVID-19 you suffered four months ago? Health, blessed God, I’m fine. I haven’t wanted to work because I don’t want to get infected again or something in the circus being alone; although I am not alone, because my manager and my choreographer always accompany me. It’s not like when I was with my husband… A season before, my assistant from Mexico had to go with me, because I don’t want to sleep alone in the hotel, and I can’t take care of everything by myself.

Do you miss your husband? Of course! I never thought that he would go before me; He said that, if it happened, then I would go after him. When he died I was almost unconscious for a year, I didn’t want to talk to anyone or watch television; I didn’t know if it was on, off or if they changed the channel, I just had my eyes fixed straight ahead… It was a year that went by quickly, because I didn’t notice anything; but the next year I said, “My God! But who is this skeleton I am seeing in the mirror? I had lost 10 kilos which, fortunately, I found on the last trip.

Would you like to find a partner again? I would love to meet a single man, widowed or divorced, between 60 and 65 years old. I’m 72, but I don’t feel or look that age at all. I’m very new, I’ve never gone out for a walk, I’ve never been partying or anything… I’m very new! (laughs). Basically I have dedicated myself to work and to take care of my family; From the age of six until now I have not stopped for a single moment. I had some little boyfriends, but only one husband, which turned out very well… It lasted me 48 years, but I have that advantage: I’m not very used.

That’s a great letter of recommendation! And of those that no longer exist! Men who have had many women, or women who have had many men, know that they have some defect. On the other hand, those of us who have lasted a long time know that marriage is a beautiful thing, that it can be combined and that, as long as the two are condescending to the partner, it can work. The only bad thing is that I don’t leave my house and I’m just at the circus, and my circus friends are all busy.

Have you had a chance to meet someone? How? If I don’t even go out to the corner! I would need to attend singles meetings, because now there are no pen pals as they used to be. And if there is, they must think that I am already very old.

Would you be willing to use an application to meet a partner? Oh no, how horrible! It scares me very much. Also, people believe that we artists earn a lot of money… The other time I was talking to my son Gabriel about it and he warned me not to go grab some young heartthrob who thinks I’m a millionaire, because he’s going to leave me when he sees that It is not like this. He has to be an independent man who doesn’t give me, but who doesn’t take me away either, to be on equal terms.

Would you date someone younger? Younger than 60, no; or older than 70, because after a while they will want me to take care of their illnesses and that is something I have already experienced, so I would not like to repeat it. I took care of my husband like nobody else: I was his nurse and I did it with a lot of love, but I think it’s time to enjoy life a little.

Can you say that you are over the loss of your husband? I don’t think that will happen at all, because they were so many years and so good, that you never get to calm down from the loss. But I can say that loneliness is not good at all; I never thought that as an old woman I would want to look for someone to live with. Why? Because my children (Gabriel and Verónica) are very nice and they care a lot about how I am, but I have not allowed them to be separated from their family to take care of me. They have their children and must make their own way.

She feels alone? Yes. Despite the fact that in my functions, blessed be God, I have thousands of people surrounding me, and that the farewell tour of La Chilindrina has been a success, I feel that it has been many years living for others. I no longer have my old man, and I do need someone with whom to share the last years of my life; I don’t know how many there are going to be, but I don’t want to be alone… Until now I still haven’t gotten to the point of being depressed, because I stopped working until recently, so I’m upbeat. I also go to my apartment in Acapulco and I am very happy, but we return to the same thing: when I leave, I know that I am going to be alone.

Would he marry again? I don’t think so, because that’s something very difficult and very drastic, although I’m not opposed to doing it if it’s with someone who likes the same thing as me, which is to travel and wander around the world.