María Celeste Arrarás talks about the colleague who treated her badly

The Puerto Rican not only brought her unpleasant experience to light, but also revealed her name and the lesson that experience left her with.

Successes and recognitions. The career of María Celeste Arrarás is full of that, who has become a benchmark not only for women but also for Latinos living in the United States.

However, behind that triumphant image, several stories are hidden that reflect the hard journey that the Puerto Rican journalist has had to travel to get to where she is. And in the same way that she brags about her achievements, she also exposes the difficult moments.

Proof of this is his most recent revelation, which he made through his popular column “This is how I see it… Reflections of María Celeste” where he talked about a moment that was a real nightmare in his early days on television.

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Mari confessed that a colleague almost succeeded in preventing her from developing as a journalist. An event that marked her professional life; and that after so many years she decided it was time to share it with her public.

“I had only been on the air for three months as a presenter for Channel 41 in New York, when he came to the station and took me out of my position without even having seen me present the news because he wanted to bring his trusted presenter,” she said about the experience that it happened in 1988.

Although of that bad moment, which happened in 1988, only the memory remains, Arrarás decided to go beyond the story. The Puerto Rican was kind enough to reveal the name of the colleague with whom she had the encounter.

“Over time I completely forgot about Octavio, the boss who made my life hell in my first job as a journalist in the United States,” he revealed.

However, life takes so many turns and he found them again; although this time everything was very different because Arrarás was already a personality and at that time he was hosting the successful program “Al Rojo Vivo”.

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“I saw him through the sea of ​​reporters. He was the last person on the planet I expected to find myself there…In an instant, countless memories of all the times he, being my boss, had me despised, of the times he had humiliated me and treated me like I was painted on the wall,” she recalled.

That meeting was with closure for the CNN journalist who assures that he left her a life lesson. And she recounted what her former boss did when she saw her.

“With a shy smile he stood on tiptoe and from far below extended his hand to greet me. As I leaned over to shake it, I remembered the prophetic words that my ex-husband Guillermo used to repeat to me at the time of Octavio’s mistreatment. “He’s going downhill, Mari. And you’re going uphill,” he mused.

As for what she felt, she said: “There I was, upstairs, celebrating my success and he was down there with a career practically canceled. Octavio was no longer news director for Channel 41. He had moved to Miami and worked as an editor for one of those supplements that come with newspapers, which was definitely a drop in rank, ”Arrás concluded.