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Being a woman in the last century was a great challenge, and even more so when it came to music. At least that’s how it was for who would later become one of the most important voices of the Colombian vallenato, the remembered artist Patricia Tehran.

It is currently one of the references in the genre, since its process to make it possible is told in several stories, and one of them is the series I met him late, which is available on Amazon Prime Video. The name is the namesake of one of Tehran’s iconic themes.

Although this series is Colombian, it has Ecuadorian talent: the Guayaquil actress Maria Elisa Camargo brings Tehran to life in this production.

Through their social networks, Guayaquil announced that it is now available on the platform of streaming for Latin America, including Ecuador. Furthermore, he commented that this project continues to be his biggest artistic challenge.

“Now my heart beats because many new eyes and ears are going to be able to enjoy it. To my friends in Latin America who asked me where they can see my work, I couldn’t recommend more TARDE LO COCIO, a tribute to the enormous Patricia Teherán, who dared to sing vallenato from the feminine, both in voice and in lyrics… and changed! the game completely!“, Said the actress in the publication that accompanied with photographs and videos.

“[Fue] executed 100% live and with so much soul put into it that I still vibrate when I remember it. Now on AMAZON PRIME (don’t do it, they have it, there’s no excuse!), so they can enjoy it and let’s frolic!” Camargo’s message on Instagram concluded.

In a behind the scenes, Camargo commented that the singing part was one of the biggest challenges in the series. “I really like to sing, but I am not a professional singer, I have no technique, and this is completely 100% performed live, both my voice and the instruments: every girl you see standing on stage and playing the instrument is doing live,” said the 36-year-old actress.

Hard road for Tehran

“Family, I am going to form my vallenato group and I swear that with my singing we are going to come out of the poor”. This is one of the phrases that Camargo, like Tehran, says in a preview of the series.

The path for Tehran was not easy, because it had to face the sexist comments, according to the progress of the production. “Miss, and who are you going to sing to? Tell me. To the ragpicker and the broom?” a radio announcer tells him exalted. To which a very serene Patricia replies: “No, none of that, to love, to lack of love, to all the things that inspire us women.”

The voice of the Colombian was extinguished at the peak of her career and at a very early age. He was born in Cartagena, on June 10, 1969; he died when he was 25 years old, on January 19, 1995. he lost his life in a traffic accident; in her event was her husband, who also died.

The accident occurred before a presentation he had in the Colombian city of Villavicencio. He then planned to travel to Ecuador, where he was going to perform in Quito and Guayaquil.

When the artist died she had a four-month-old baby and was not with them, Yuri Alexander Tehran, who is currently 27 years old and is also a singer; in the art world he calls himself Alex Tehran.

The singer was discovered by Grace Ceballos in 1988. They formed the group Las Musas del Vallenato. Later he formed the group Las Diosas del Vallenato, whose main chorister, Rosalba Chico, died in 1997, that is, after the death of Teherán. Years later, in 2009, Maryoris Mejía, a conguera of the group, passed away. However, in 2017 a new generation emerged led by Bau Gutierrezwho was a chorus girl at the time of Tehran.

Some Camargo projects

Camargo has participated in several international productions, among them, Summer of Love (2009), Till money do us part (2009, Mexican version), Full of love (2010), Wild flower (2011), Because love rules (2012), In another skin (2014) and Under the same sky (2015).

Among the most recent projects of which the Guayaquil native has been a part is the series Evil plant, which premiered in 2021 on the Pantaya platform. Bring Mariana to life.

This year, on January 14, the film was released Sweet Obsession, also in Pantaya. In this she gives life to Monica.

Before, in 2020, he acted in the series Warrior, which is based on writings by Bruce Lee. premiered in HBO for Latin America. (I)