María Fernanda Aristizábal is the new Miss Universe Colombia 2022

A few months ago, María Fernanda Aristizábal had been chosen as the new Miss Universe Colombia, but, at that time, there was no official contest, but she was appointed by Natalie Ackermann, president of Miss Universe Colombia.

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Last night, the 25-year-old Quindiana, in a very special event, was able to officially receive her crown and her band as a representative of Colombia for the most important beauty pageant in the world.

The event took place in Zipaquirá, specifically in the Salt Cathedral. Initially it had been speculated that it would be in Armenia, the city where María Fernanda was born.

Valeria Ayos was in charge of crowning María Fernanda Aristizábal as successor to the contest that will take place in December in San José, Corta Rica. “I hope they feel very proud of the queen they have, who is working hard to raise them up around the world, our culture, our strength, our joy, to show that we are a country that had a lot to give and that I want them to feel a lot of joy”, They were the words that the Quindian offered to Vea, minutes after receiving the crown.

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Immediately, quite excited to be the next representative of the country in Miss Universe, she took the opportunity to send a message of encouragement to all people to fight for their dreams. “You always have to fight to achieve dreams, you never have to give up, you always have to inspire people to achieve what they have always wanted so much and I think that has been me, an example, because I have wanted to materialize that dream and here I am here, with this crown of Miss Universe Colombia and at any time, at God’s time, I will go to represent my country in the best way. When at some point I thought I was not going to make it, here I am.