María Fernanda Ariztizabal arrives in Valledupar to fulfill the cultural agenda

“There may be more beautiful than you / there will be another with more power than you / they may exist in this world, but you are the queen…”. With this melody, to the rhythm of accordion, box and guacharacawas received at noon this Friday, at the Alfonso López de Valledupar airport, the Miss Universe Colombia 2022, María Fernanda Aristizábal.

The 25-year-old Quindiana accompanied with the palms the notes of the current Youth King of the Festival, Jerónimo Villazón, and moved to the sound of music, showing herself willing to enjoy and lead the encounter between beauty and Vallenato culture.

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“I am happy because it is one more city that I know of this beautiful country, happy to know this culture, the tradition of Valledupar and this beautiful welcome, the truth is that I feel very welcomed by the people, thank you for receiving me in this way. way”, were the words of the queen to EL PILÓN, when touching Valduparense floor.

It is the first time that a Miss Universe Colombia arrives at the World Capital of Vallenato to fulfill a cultural agenda before traveling to the most important beauty pageant in the world. “I love vallenato, really yesterday I was seeing the representative instruments, I had also said that I had only danced vallenato of the romantic, but I also love this one, I am learning little by little (laughs)”, said Aristizábal.

Within the royal agenda planned by the queen in Valledupar, a visit to the Cesar Youth Training Center stands out, where she will share with minors deprived of liberty. “That moves me a lot, I want to attract a message of inspiration, of love towards them, so that they see what they want to be when they leave there, I think it picks up that social part that is what we want to continue doing city by city on this national tour ”, Aristizabal pointed out.

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Joaquin Ramirez
Joaquin Ramirez

The agenda continues this Saturday, in the morning hours, with a visit to Plaza Alfonso López where he will hold a Royal meeting with the V King of Kings, Almes Granados; the Queen Mayor 2022, María Sara Vega and the Vallenato King 2021, José Ricardo Villafañe.

This event will be attended by Rodolfo Molina, president of the Vallenata Legend Festival Foundation, and directors of the entity. Also, will receive a serenade from the Children of the Vallenato of the Rafael Escalona School. After that, you will take a walk through the Historic Center of Valledupar.

On what the preparation will be like to participate in the ‘Miss Universe’ pageant, an event that will take place in December in San José, Costa Rica, at the end of the year, Aristizábal pointed out that:

“Every day we try to find what we most need to take to Miss Universe, a great representation, we are doing a great job. I can say that I am fulfilled, I am at the point I always wanted to be, and I will represent my country with all the love, pride and respect that this title and this band deserve.”

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It should be remembered that María Fernanda Aristizábal had to wait for three years to be officially crowned Miss Universe Colombia 2022 since after the arrival of the pandemic and a franchise change, he had to postpone his time as the country’s representative in the largest beauty pageant that exists internationally.

Aristizábal had to go to Miss Universe 2020, however, the contest was canceled because the health emergency broke out in March of that same year. In addition, the following year, the beauty franchise, which was owned by Canal RCN, passed into the hands of Natalie Ackerman and it was not possible for the Quindian to finally remain as a representative.

Joaquin Ramirez