María Gabriela Ísler, former Mauro Urquijo, stopped him and made it clear that he never dated men for his money

Mauro Urquijo and María Gabriela Ísler were at the center of different news on social networks and the national media, due to the relationship they built over several years. Both formalized their union, giving each other a chance in love, regardless of the type of comments that could arise among their loyal followers.

However, this link ended months ago, after the actor made the decision to leave home and thus leave behind the entire story he built with the trans model. The sentimental breakup was confirmed by María Gabriela through digital scenarios, where she revealed some nuances of this unfortunate ending.

However, some time after it was all over, the model decided to refer to the subject and make various statements about it, assuring that his annoyance was really linked to the artist’s ungratefulness and the versions he released, where he “indicated that he was not gay”.

Recently, the content creator gave an interview to I know everything, where he spoke again about the relationship he had with the actor, taking the opportunity to give details that few knew about his life. In this dialogue with the media, she accused Urquijo of a “liar”, since she felt used and cheated with everything they went through in her marriage.

“He was intimate with a woman. He says that he was not lucid when he messed with me, but if we look at the previous interviews, he says that he fell in love with me, not because I had told him I was a trans woman, but because I looked like a woman. So, now he wants to wash his hands and explain his sexual orientation, perhaps, to get a woman, “he said in front of the cameras.

The Colombian’s ex-wife added that she did not understand some statements that Mauro had given, since he was always lucid and aware of what was happening in their three-year relationship. He did not hesitate to remember the financial aid he gave the actor, in addition to the support he gave him when he was sick and needed his care.

“As far as I know, he is 100% lucid. He has memory problems, he can forget certain things, but he knows who he is, who is a man and who is a woman, who is trans, who is his family and who are his children. Many times I discussed this topic with him and he told me: ‘Honey, I’m not gay, I’m 100% straight, I’m with you because you’re a woman.’ I feel like I was used,” Urquijo’s ex-partner told the entertainment medium.

Ísler also stated that her ex-husband and her ex-mother-in-law accused her on different occasions of having been unfaithful to him with other men, in addition to receiving derogatory descriptions. The model pointed out that Mauro came to call her a “prostitute”, without thinking about how much it could hurt or offend her.

He has it in his head that I am a prostitute and that the standard of living that I give myself is given to me by the men with whom I supposedly go out. (…) Show me the evidence. I have never dated a man for money. Mauro knows all the sacrifice I made in Santa Marta with the business, my mom used to send me money from Panama. He knows who my family is, ”said the businesswoman in the interview.

Lastly, María Gabriela Ísler emphasized one issue, and that is that She is no longer in love with the actor, but the attacks she receives from him hurt her, since she was the only one who was with him when he had health problems and faced complex situations.

“I am no longer in love with him, but it hurts me for that ungratefulness. I was 24 hours a day protecting him. When he got sick, he saw me, slept cuddling with him. She had me wake him up to take him to the bathroom. At night she would remove the serum. I was the one who bathed him. I was the one cleaning it,” she added.