María Grazia Gamarra annoyed with TikToker for not recognizing her: “If you don’t know who I am, why are you going to interview me” (VIDEO) | farandula-celebs-peru-afhs-tiktok | SHOWS

A video of the actress from “Al fondo hay sitio” went viral on social networks, Maria Grazia GamarraAfter the unexpected reaction she had with the tiktoker ‘Wenderlandia’, because the young man tried to interview her and approached her to ask her name, the actress got angry for not having recognized her.

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This happened when the Tiktoker approached him to ask: “Hey, sorry to bother you, just a quickie, what’s your name, sorry?”, Was the only question he asked the actress. Maria Grazia’s response was immediate and with an uncomfortable and astonished laugh she said the following: But, if you don’t know who I am, why are you going to interview me?”, Was the answer given by the interpreter of Macarena Montalbán, leaving the young man with the word in his mouth.

MAIL |  Maria Grazia Gamarra

The content creator tried to follow her, but lost sight of her: “It makes me curious. I don’t know who it is? Oops, what a mess, but really, I don’t know who it is”, He commented in astonishment about the attitude of the actress and began to consult the public that had gathered in a shopping center.

Several people who were in that place told the Tiktoker that she was one of the protagonists of “In the background there is a place.” “Was it disrespectful on my part?”, Was the query that the young man made to the viewers.