María León makes an emotional presentation in La Voz Kids

The famous talent show The voice Kids It has already started, broadcast by the TV Azteca television station and has the pop singer as judges Paty Cantuthe duo Mau and Rickyalso to the singer and dancer, the beautiful María León, who would appear to offer an emotional show.

The talent contest is organized by first auditioning, the judges are with their backs to the participants, while they interpret fragments of songs that they have chosen and if it catches the attention of a judge, he turns by pressing a button, if they turn more than one judge the participant has the freedom to choose between the three or two judges who have asked for their voice, but if they cannot turn any judge that participant is out of the program.

At the moment, they are at that stage, because once the team of each of the judges is complete, the battles start. The judges, being experienced artists in music, offer presentations to show their talent and obviously the reason why they were chosen as judges, Mary Leon She is one of the most talented artists in Mexico, because apart from having a beautiful voice, making it very clear in the emotional presentation.

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Presenting herself as a goddess, wearing patterned pants, a tight brown imitation leather blouse and fun long gloves with strands hanging from them, her black hair loose and in a half ponytail with her hair gathered from the front, well apart from showing off her amazing and sweet voice interpreting the melody “You got my name“.

María León makes an emotional presentation in La Voz Kids, photo: instagram

You got my name” came to light in 2018, authored by Mary Leonbelongs to the album “Unwavering“Now, she also delighted viewers with some dance moves that only she knows how to do, as it is no secret that the singer has a gift for dance, which is why she has also been in dance competitions.

CLICKING HERE you can see the presentation of Mary Leon.

In incredible costumes the ex-vocalist of the band has been shown limbo beachvery much in keeping with his personality, with very marked colors and in different shades, The voice Kids It airs from Monday to Friday at 7:30 PM and is broadcast by the television station of Aztec TV.

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