Maria Levy, lived several hours of anguish and asked for prayers

María Levy, the daughter of Mariana Levy, alerted users on social networks in recent days after asking for urgent help, apparently the young woman, who lives outside of Mexico, is in the midst of torment.

The daughter of the remembered actress Mariana Levy and the actor, Ariel Padilla, would undertake a trip to Asia, however, not everything has been the great adventure that perhaps he expected and now he cries for help.

The “granddaughter of Talina Fernandez” He reappeared almost crying and asking for prayers from Internet users on the platforms under the order “Pray for Maria, my suitcase did not arrive, someone with unemployment in Emirates or Garuda (airlines)?” He wrote in anguish on July 4.

As some may know, María López Levy headed for Indonesia in order to capture the most beautiful views motivated by her love of photography.

Maria Levy, daughter of Mariana Levy cries out for help, far from Mexico. Photo: Capture Instagram

However, the “sister of José Emilio and Paula” would go through an ordeal after arriving at their accommodation site, sharing that they still had no news of their luggage until then.

“My suitcase hasn’t arrived yet, send good vibes (good vibes) pls (please) aiura. I bought this ofni (clothes) in the market and it’s what I’ll wear for the next few days hehe fml (fuck me for life). Low key (here between us) I like it,” he wrote in the description that accompanied an image.

The “born on March 28, 1996”, shared a photo that was allowed to be taken in the middle of the outfit that she would have had to improvise in the meantime since all her clothes came in the luggage that the young woman highlighted, she had not yet reached her hands.

For this moment, Mary Levyindicated that even after almost a whole day he still had no news of what happened to his belongings: “24 hours have passed and I have not had a response.”

“I’m alone, far from home without my bags, I would really appreciate your help, go to them (the airline) if you can,” she desperately cried in her message.

Meanwhile, the young woman also showed a short that she bought while trying to be a little positive, she wrote “new favorite garment”, in addition to showing some moments during her new journey.

Fortunately, luck was finally on her side, after being contacted by the airline to let her know Where was her luggage?

On the one hand, this ended with the anxiety of the daughter of the endearing, “The roguish dreamer”, however, the agency would inform her that her luggage was still in Jakarta (in Indonesian).

What peace, the suitcase has already appeared, wrote the granddaughter of the “Lady of good saying” after days of uncertainty and surely expenses outside of what was planned

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