María Montejo Who was the mother of Radamés de Jesús?

María Montejo would leave this world last Tuesday, according to the most recent news of the show, one more star of the “gold cinema“Turn off your glow.

Radamés de Jesús would find himself going through one of the most difficult moments, after the recent departure of the actressMaría Montejo, who was the mother of the famous comedian who could not have been close to her mother in her last moments.

The unfortunate news that surprised the show in Mexico after the “daughter of Carmen Montejo“, left without clear reasons so far.

It was last Tuesday June 14 around seven at night when it is presumed, Mary Montejowould leave with the creator, according to what the reporter, Hugo Alexander, reported.

Until a few hours ago his son, the famous comedian, Radames of Jesuswould not have pronounced or issued an official announcement since at the same time, it transpired that the comedian was making a trip to Jerusalem.

María Montejo, mother of Radamés de Jesús, says goodbye. Photo: Capture Twitter

So apparently, he would not have been present at the time of the d3c3so, something that the famous 50-year-old quite regretted, as he stated in a recent publication through his social networks, where he indicated that he would not have been able to see it.

If I had known it was the last time we would see each other, I would have hugged you tighter. Mamita I love you and I am so far away, indicated the comedian in the text that accompanies a black and white image in which he shared a loving moment with his mother.

In the photo that circulated on the platforms of the “Desbocados” actor, he can be seen very close to his mother, whom he gives an affectionate kiss on the cheek, on one side of the postcard, he placed a black bow as a sign of mourning and under the postcard, a profile image that would correspond to the histrionic during her youth, which was also appreciated from her Instagram account.

A few hours after the news circulated, several media figures have offered their condolences on social networks, among them, the writer Celina Fuentes Macedo, daughter of Carlos Fuentes and Rita Macedo, expressed an emotional message regarding the artist’s departure from who showed his best memories.

Now one of us left home. The crazy adored Maria Montejo. The original Frenchy. The first. Have a good trip. Here we pamper your kid, Radamés de Jesús Piña, he wrote on his Facebook profile.

Who was Maria Montejo?

The daughter of the iconic actress, Maria Montejo, followed in her famous mother’s footsteps into acting making her acting debut in 1967 and finally retiring in 2003.

Also “daughter of Manuel Gonzalez Ortega“, the star graduated from the Televisa Academy venturing into various plays.

In 1967 he participated in “The judgment of our children” and a year later in “Duelo de pasiones”, where he shared the stage with Anita Blanch, Eric del Castillo, María Elena Marqués and Raúl Padilla.

The “Mexican” also appeared in some soap operas such as “Magic youth”, “Start again” “You and I”, “Serafín” and in several chapters of “Woman, cases of real life”, according to her career.

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