María Pía Copello rebukes Johanna San Miguel LIVE: “She likes to be seated throughout the program” | This is RMMN Showbiz War | SHOWS

Maria Pia Copello and Johanna San Miguel They once again had a long exchange of words during the recent edition of “This is War” for defending the score of their respective teams.

It all started when the production of the program tried to take a point from the “Combatants” because Raphael Cardozo he had rung the bell before the end of the game.

María Pía showed her rejection, since that same fault had been committed by her opponents. Johanna San Miguel minimized the claims of her partner, and, on the contrary, she refused to ignore said fault, causing her influencer to unleash her anger.

“What do you want? remove the points? Now then, if they take away the points, that’s fine now. (…) They always agree with you, Johanna. You have a production that always proves you right”, Criticized the rather obfuscated driver.

Maria Pía argues with Johanna San Miguel

The discussion did not stop there. Seeing her make sarcastic gestures across the set, Maria Pia Copello He rebuked the actress for her lack of commitment and revealed a little-known detail by the followers of the América TV space.

Johanna loves to sit through the entire program. That’s how it always is, even when we play volleyball.” questioned.


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