María Pombo has the boho caftan that you will love this summer

      María Pombo is already thinking about summer and has left us the first beach look of the season. The Madrid influencer is spending a few days in Ibiza to celebrate a double bachelorette party, those of her friends Teresa Andrés Gonzalvo and Marta Lozano. The founder of Tipi Tent always leaves us with the most inspiring outfits, and this time we couldn’t help but notice her precious black caftan boho-inspired.

      After discovering the perfect top for our summer festivals, María once again inspires us to dress stylishly in the hot months, in this case on the beach. The ‘influencer’ knows how to turn a normal beach ‘look’ into a ‘great look’ with a single gesture: adding a kaftan. The one that María has chosen could not be prettier, and it is that he has embroidery details and transparencies that make it a very special garment, not to mention the ruffled sleeves.

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      As soon as we saw it, we got down to work to find it. If you also love this boho-inspired caftan worn by María Pombo, we have two pieces of news for you: we’ve found it, but it’s not exactly an affordable garment.

      It is the ‘Claire’ model by Charo Ruiz and is on sale for 399 euros. Since we cannot afford to spend that money, we have looked for a slightly more affordable clone for ordinary mortals. Luckily, Asos never fails us, and it is that it has a very similar garment that will not leave us shivering with our checking account.


      It is available for 19.25 euros, a bargain. Run for him!

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