Mariana Pinedo leaves her Afro-Bolivian roots high

By Maria Jose Rojas

From mother from Santa Cruz and father from Yungas, Mariana Pinedo Callau
conquer the Bolivian catwalks with an exquisite mix
multicultural in the veins

With 24 yearsa beauty crown and a rising modeling and social media career, became an example of empowerment for Afro-Bolivian women.

Your goal? cross borders and be the first representative
national in bringing its culture to international competitions and catwalks.

stone foundations

Get up, you are made of stone”, are the words that Patricia Callaú, her mother, tirelessly repeated to her.

With that motto and with determination, he began as independent model and it was quickly captured by television producers who installed it on the small screen.

In 2016, her beauty, but, above all, her charisma, took her to reality competitions and even dance on different national networks. That was the boost she needed for the big jump.

was already known as ‘The sexy brunette’ on TV when, in 2018, she was invited to participate in the Miss Santa Cruz and thus became the first Afro-descendant to win a title in the departmental beauty pageant.

miss Santa Cruz It was for the national crown and, although she was in the group of finalists, she did not close that chapter of her life.

“If I go to an international contest I will proudly represent Afro-Bolivian women,” she says.


Since then, she had to redistribute her life and schedule between her family, college, and modeling.

It currently works with important brands such as Natura, Feminina and Olympikus, among others.

Studying the last year of Commercial engineering was encouraged to undertake and open a boutique.

The networks

She began using social networks as one more user, but the reception of Internet users encouraged her to take advantage of them to promote your image.

Although its content consists of some humor and a large part of advertising work, it takes advantage of each image to encourage women to start each day with the best spirits and energy and to work for their dreams.

More of 70,000 followers on Instagram and 150,000 on Tik Tok
they thank you. “I grow together with my small community, I learn from them and they learn from me”, he concludes.