Marianne: “He’s a fighter”: pop star Michael Hardt suffers a stroke

Marianne: “He’s a fighter”
Pop star Michael Hardt suffers a stroke

The two are indispensable in the hit world: Marianne and Michael have been delighting their fans for decades with their music and their good mood. But that ended last night. Michael suffers a stroke, his wife quickly gets help. Now he is in the intensive care unit.

Marianne Hartl confirmed to the magazine “Bunte” that her husband Michael suffered a stroke on Thursday night. Thank God she woke up and immediately knew what had happened. “As a result, the window of opportunity for help was short. He’s in the best clinic in southern Germany. We can do it. He’ll survive!” the folk music star explained.

After an operation, the pop singer is now in an artificial coma, as the “Bild” newspaper reports. The surgery went well and his condition is currently stable. The musician is monitored around the clock in the intensive care unit. “Michael is strong and a fighter, he will make it and get well soon,” said Marianne Hartl of “Bild”.

Michael organized relief supplies for Ukraine

The 72-year-old is said to have organized a transport of aid to Ukraine in the past few days. “Michael has spent the last few days preparing for the transport. He really wanted to help,” explained his wife.

The singing duo has been married since 1979 and has two sons. The two had already met in 1973 and a short time later were engaged as a singing and musician duo. Since then, they have also moderated numerous television formats such as the “Super Hit Parade of Folk Music”, “Funny Musicians”, the “Preliminary Decision for the Grand Prix of Folk Music” or “Christmas with Marianne and Michael”.