Maribel Guardia and Lourdes Munguía about 20, here it shows

beauty and style Lourdes Munguia and Maribel Guardia has been exposed for some years, the famous impact the artistic environment with their beauty. From the beginning they showed that they have the perfect complement to stand out.

This time Maribel Guardia and Lourdes Munguia they show that although they are 60 years old they look like 20 and with this postcard they show it, since they really look beautiful in spring dresses and fitted to the body, thus marking their spectacular figure.

With her beauty, a large number of messages were unleashed, among which the hottest and most daring stand out, her faithful admirers do not miss the opportunity to flatter such beauty.

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With this photograph actresses they stayed in the eye of the hurricane and became the most sought after on the Internet. His fans found the opportunity to praise his beauty with red hearts, flames of fire and passionate compliments.

It should be noted that it was Lourdes Munguía who shared this magnificent moment in which they posed together from the edge of a fountain and in broad daylight, framing the place with all their charm, since they are among the most preserved in the entertainment world in Mexico.

Without a doubt, Maribel Guardia and Lourdes Munguía are an inspiration for all women who want to look so beautiful attractive like them, they always know how to conquer their audience with risky images in which they pose in striking and tight outfits, hence their admirers are responsible for making them fall in love.

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Each one has a different audience, but they all agree that they are two of the most complete artists that have given the artistic medium in Mexico, both know how to expose themselves and leave everything in the foreground in order to delight the pupil and cause a stir with their slim figurewhich is always the great protagonist, since they wear it and stand out in youthful looks that favor them.

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