Maribel Guardia appears bald in networks, reveals a new look

the gorgeous costa rican modelMaribel Guardia, was in charge of surprising her audience by sharing a video in which we could see her completely bald spota situation that left everyone infected with a lot of curiosity to know what was happening or why he would have made such a decision.

This is a video that he shared through his Instagram officiala clip in which the actress is dedicated to confessing to us that she was already fed up with long hair and therefore had made this difficult decision, a change of appearance that would really draw the attention of the entire Internet.

However, Internet users dedicated themselves to analyzing each of the frames of the short, despite the fact that it is clearly seen that if he lacks hair it would be a filtershe was probably looking for the way to make it look as real as possible, but in the end netizens ended up noticing the little details that move around her head.

The famous wanted to play a little prank on her fans, she has an excellent sense of humor and he showed it in this very curious and funny way, but at first his fans were really scared.

And it is that imagine suddenly observing it in this way without prior notice, there is no doubt that technology has come a long way and now these filters allow us to obtain images that would have been very difficult to obtain years ago.


Maribel Guardia / Instagram

Maribel Guardia shares her new look on her shocked networks and fans.

Maribel Guardia also continues to upload her beautiful promotions to her official social media account, Instagram has become her home and now she uploads images every day wearing the pretty dresses they send her by parcel.

And it is that the singer also received the proposal from different establishments to make herself known, she would be sharing her products while using them and of course that also allows her to recommend them from her experience.

This is how he has had great success and has also managed to generate incredible numbers on his profile, he is getting more and more attention and in Show News we will continue to be on the lookout to continue sharing with you his most interesting news, curiosities, news of other celebrities, shows, entertainment and more.