Maribel Guardia captures the attention of her fans after appearing ‘shaven’ RMMN Celebs Mexico | SHOWS

Maribel Guardia He surprised his more than 7 million Instagram followers after he shared a video in which he appears completely ‘shaven’.

In the clip, the actress and television host explained that her new appearance was due to a new television project; however, she did not elaborate.

“Well, I had to introduce you to this makeover. I dared to do it for a television project, it was a very important challenge and I wanted to take the plunge. She was already fed up with my long hair and, above all, with my fringe. Oh my God, welcome to spring and I hope you like my makeover. You would do it?”, the artist is heard saying in the video.

His fans reacted quickly and many were surprised. However, everything seems to indicate that it would be a joke by the interpreter of Costa Rican origin, as some of the users pointed out that she was using a filter.

The publication has more than 150 thousand reproductions and endless comments, many highlighting its beauty.

“The proof that what is beautiful is beautiful, with or without hair, more when beauty comes from the heart that nobody overshadows it”, “Always divine”, “You are so beautiful, so professional and such an artist that your audience he loves you beyond the physical (and that you are a monument) Bravo for giving us one more sample of who you are. Tqm”, “Maribel you are the best”, are some reactions from their fans.


Maribel Guardia retracts after supporting Eleazar Gómez in Tefi Valenzuela’s complaint

Maribel Guardia retracts after supporting Eleazar Gómez in Tefi Valenzuela's complaint |  Willax
Actress Maribel Guardia recorded a video to clarify that she did not put her hands on the fire for Eleazar Gómez, in the case of family violence against Tefi Valenzuela.