Maribel Guardia gathers 5 beauties ready for the show, friends

The beautiful and talented Costa Rican artistMaribel Guardia, impressed her Instagram followers by sharing a photograph in which she shows us that she is already very close friends with her fellow dancers, who accompany her every weekend in the presentation of the play El ‘Comic Tenor’in which he has been participating for several months now, an excellent attempt to bring back this beautiful tradition.

This is one of his most recent publications. Instagrama photo in which the model is surrounded by four of her fellow dancers who are wearing the costumes they use in the presentation, ready for the Showall gorgeous and surely with the incredible dance steps to deliver on stage.

We know very well that our famous She loves to keep her audience happy and therefore she dedicates herself to sharing a little more of what she lives, both personally and at work, very happy to be able to be participating in excellent projects that allow her to continue doing what she loves so much. you like, your audience and expose your talents.

Her piece of entertainment quickly obtained tens of thousands of likes and many comments where Internet users express how much they love to see her so happy and well accompanied, it must be a great experience to work with Maribel.

Let us remember that in this staging she plays the character of ‘doña Inés’, accompanied by some of her best friends from show He is in charge of giving everything and causing good emotions to all those present who come to feel all that they seek to express with this beautiful art.


Maribel Guardia / Instagram

Maribel Guardia shares her great joy before the theater show.

Maribel Guardia is also participating in a comedy show called ‘Albertano contra los monstros’, accompanying her friend the actor Ariel Miramontes, who by the way also works with her in the aforementioned play.

You can watch this program every Sunday for the stars, the actress will be willing to make us laugh and make fans have an excellent time in front of their television screens.

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