Maribel Guardia posed at 63 years of age in a bikini: her photo on the beach to receive 2023 | Famous

Maribel Guardia posed in a bikini at 63 to receive 2023

The reason for its publication was the entrance of the New Year, for which, in addition, it took the opportunity to reflect on the endings and beginnings, as is typical of this time.

“Just like the waves, everything comes and everything goes, everything passes and everything heals with God in your heart (…) Remember that each thought shapes your future, it is time to start a new year and trust in the magic of the new beginnings,” he wrote at the bottom of the image.

The waves that Maribel Guardia was referring to were those of the sea, which served as the setting for her bikini photograph. In addition to her swimsuit, the Costa Rican wore a garment that covered her arms and head.

What he did reveal was his abdomen and legs, in such a way that several people could notice how toned these areas of his body are.

This is how the comment area was filled with praise about her figure, especially highlighting her age (63 years):

“For a 2023 like Maribel (Guardia)”, “She has to have a pact with him mirror… yes or yes”, “When does she turn 25? To send her a present”, “I am following in her footsteps to see if I look like that at her age”, “How is it possible that she is so preserved?”, “Spectacular even though the years go by!”, “When I have your age I would like to be like you.

The secrets of Maribel Guardia to look so jovial at 63 years old

The truth is that the soap opera star’s physique is usually one of the topics they ask him about the most.

In June 2021, for example, he revealed in an interview with ‘TVyNovelas’ that his diet consists of fish, vegetables, fruit and salads. Although he does not deprive himself of carbohydrates, he assured that he does consume them in moderation (once a day) and that on Sundays he gives himself the freedom to eat all his cravings.

In August of that same year, she assured “Sale el sol” that she does 400 sit-ups a day as part of her regimen to stay slim and, she explained, that more than vanity, she does it to take care of her health.

Maribel Guardia also resorts to a clinical procedure to stay so jovial at 63 years of age: in March 2022, she revealed that she takes stem cell therapies that are injected into her through an intravenous catheter and, beyond the physical aspect, will help her to enjoy their old age with quality of life.

Tell us in the comments, what do you think is Maribel Guardia’s secret to show off such a marked figure?