Maribel Guardia reveals her wedding photo, an important memory

Throughout his life he has had very important moments with the beautiful costa rican modelMaribel Guardia, decided to share one of those moments where she felt safe and very well accompanied, her son Julián at that time was 14 years old and it was he who accompanied her to the altar on the day of her wedding.

The famous one trusted her Instagram followers to share this very personal moment in her life, looking very young and beautiful, of course honoring her fame, one of the most beautiful women in show business.

We were able to discover what the official wedding dress of the actress was, being Julian Figueroa the person in charge of delivering it to Marco Chacon in the year 2011when this event happened.

For her, the fact that her son could do this was one of the greatest gifts that God has given her, “one of the happiest days of my life,” she confessed.

In addition, we could see that the only son of the artist came to clarify that he was not 14 years old but 16, a fact that our dear dancer was confused about, but nothing serious that could not happen to anyone: “I love you mom postscript had 16”.

We could also notice the great happiness on his face, it really shows that the words he dedicated to this memory perfectly match what his image expresses, it shows that it is a moment that he will not forget and that he does not want to.

Maribel Guardia / Instagram

Maribel Guardia shares this important moment in her life.

The famous 62-year-old always receives great attention from the public, continues to create content from home and has proven that she does not need much to be able to photograph herself in top quality, simply with her presence and some background, as we know that at home It has a balcony that it takes advantage of very well with a background of quite nice and striking trees, it has been used on several occasions.

It is important to mention that modeling is not everything for her, also to the beautiful tradition that is the theater, playing Doña Inés in “El Tenorio Cómica”, she has been promoted for several months and that she gave the opportunity to several of her fans to meet her in person.

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