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“I wanted to show off my change of #look”, with this description the actress and singer Maribel Guardia It was accompanied by a video in which you can see a radical change in terms of her look, she wears her head shaved in its entirety.

“Well, I had to introduce you to this makeover. I dared to do it for a television project. It was a very important challenge and I wanted to take the step, I was already fed up with my long hair and especially with my fringe… Welcome to spring and I hope you like my change of look, would you do it?”, She said .

The publication made on March 21 has generated several comments from its more than seven million Instagram followers, including surprise, admiration and also those who said that it is a filter. “You have a very good filter,” wrote follower @dennismendiveabreu.

Hours later, Guardia posted again, but this time a photograph of her showing off her hair.

Suffer from dysautonomia

Maribel Fernández real name of the actress is admired for showing off a slender figure and staying young at 62 years old, however, away from the spotlight she also has to deal with illnesses and it is about dysautonomia.

In the second week of this month, he revealed that he has suffered from this pathology since birth. “My dysautonomia, I was born with it. In my case I realized that whenever I exercised like I drank water, first I felt half happy as if I was half drugged and then I fell to the ground, I lost consciousness, when I went to aerobics at that time everyone went to the left and I to the right… that’s why I don’t drink water,” he said during a meeting with the Mexican media.

“Water completely washes away the sodium from my body, so during the day I drink a lot of sports drinks and at night I can drink water because if I sit down, my pressure drops, I have very low pressure…”, he added.

In addition, she explained that she can take a lot of salt, although it is generally bad for many people, but that it is good for her. “I eat a lot of things that have salt, because it keeps my sodium high,” she said.

Guardia upon learning that the singer Yuri also suffers from the same disease, after being infected with COVID-19, he contacted her. “She explained to me that hers is different… Yuri’s is worse, because mine lowers my blood pressure and Yuri’s blood pressure goes up to heaven, so out of nowhere lying down his blood pressure can go up. And that is very dangerous…”, he commented.

The actress reported that dysautonomia is a problem of vasodilators that do not oxygenate the brain well. (I)