Maribel Guardia shows off Barbie’s waist in lace lingerie

The famous Costa Rican artist, Maribel Guardia, began 2023 sporting a more statuesque figure than ever, graced an ad campaign by posing in lacy lingerieshowing off her Barbie waist and her shapely legs.

Maribel Guardia is one of the most statuesque celebrities in the middle of the show and raised the temperature of her admirers with her prominent curves promoting a shapewear girdle in nude lace lingerie and high sandals with thin straps.

The 63-year-old actress, singer and presenter starred in the session wearing her voluminous jet-black hair loose in soft waves with her fringed bangs and makeup that highlighted her smoky shadows, her tanned cheeks, and her pink lips.

“Your cellular age is different from your biological age”

Maribel Guardia squandered her incomparable beauty and her inexhaustible flirtation in her recent advertising campaign, she started the year sporting an enviable silhouette and a blood study showed that she looks younger because “Your cellular age is different from your biological age”.

“She has impressive genetics. The other day she had some blood tests and they told her that she has the cellular age of a 40-year-old woman. She is wonderful,” revealed her son Julián Figueroa.

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Maribel Guardia is one of the most acclaimed celebrities in the entertainment industry and during her long artistic career she has captivated the audience with her incomparable beauty, her statuesque figure and her charismatic personality.

The artist originally from San José, Costa Rica, It has remained in force in the middle of the showreturned to the small screen as Julieta Vásquez in the telenovela “Corona de lágrimas 2” and also plays “Doña Lancha” in the hit musical “Lagunilla, mi barrio”.

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