Maribel Guardia shows off her peach shape with a velvet miniskirt

Maribel Guardia She looks lovely highlighting her peach shape in a miniskirt.. The actress does not stop working even in these December holidays, so she invited her faithful followers to go and enjoy the fun play “Lagunilla mi barrio”, which has become a success.

To promote this presentation, the former model posed next to a huge Christmas tree, while wearing a classic set consisting of a checkered velvet miniskirt in black, wine and gold tonesideal for this season.

The beauty icon accompanied this outfits With a black cross-over blouse with three-quarter sleeves and shoes, she wore velvet boots with thick-heeled leather fringes, which made her look more stylized.

On this occasion, Maribel Guardia She decided to leave her beautiful hair tied up in a high ponytail, letting some waves fall on her shoulders, although she could not miss her characteristic fringe.

With each publication on social networks, the Televisa star confirms why she is one of the most admired actresses on the small screen, because she not only wears elegant outfits but it maintains some dreamy curves, highlighting above all its peach shape.

He will go to the operating room in January

The Costa Rican artist Maribel Guardia confirmed that in January will undergo surgeryafter having a biopsy and although the results came out well, he pointed out that he prefers to prevent.

The actress ruled out that it is not an aesthetic procedure, “names, I wish it was aesthetic.” Remember that a few weeks ago her older sister, Vilma Chacónwho has been his mother, since he was 9 years old underwent surgery when detecting cancer.

From what Guardia said “I have also taken several exams. Around there I have to do some arrangement too, I think in January. It’s an operation What do I have to do? Thank God not (it’s delicate), because I did the biopsy and it was fine, God bless”. However, he preferred to avoid giving more details about the reason for the intervention.

Apparently, the actress found in time that the tumor is benign, however; it will be removed and thoroughly reviewed to rule out any possibility of risk.

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