Maribel Guardia shows us a complete silhouette from the dressing room

The beautiful costa rican modelMaribel Guardia, maintains her excellent attitude even in the middle of the week, this time she wanted to share with us a photograph in which she is presumed complete from her dressing room, taking advantage of the situation to share a motivational phrase.

This is a snapshot that he shared through his Instagram oficial, a social network where he takes the opportunity to communicate with his followers, this time posing in a cute green dress with flower print, one of her favorites.

In the entertainment piece famous He gives us a good smile, always with the best attitude, no matter what day he is, this time I also take the opportunity to share a motivational phrase that says the following

“Let nothing steal our enthusiasm for life and the energy to pursue dreams, I love them”, always ready to share all that love and enthusiasm for life that characterizes her, contributing something more than her great beauty, seeking to share everything beautiful inside.

Of course the “I like it” began to arrive immediately and more than 19,000 were gathered, numbers that continue to show all that attention and affection that his audience is willing to give him, in addition, in the comments we could also see all that support, admiration and love that Internet users want to give him, with the most creative compliments, as well as with various emojis, most of them hearts, fire, kisses and little faces in love.

Maribel Guardia / Instagram

Maribel Guardia shared this moment from her dressing room with her fans.

Maribel Guardia continues to be considered one of the most beloved stars in Mexico, since her arrival, the native of Costa Rica received the attention of several producers who were in charge of making her a movie star, television star and of course a product model, we have been able to see it in many places since then.

He is currently participating in a play called the “Comic Tenorio” along with other very talented celebrities who are dedicating themselves to trying to bring back this beautiful tradition.

She is also participating in the comedy show ‘Albertano contra los Mostros’, supporting her partner the actor Ariel Miramontes, Maribel always seeks to support her peers.

Finally, he shared with us the new project that his friend Lalo España has, another play called happy, sharing some preview images of what said show will be.

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