Maribel Guardia surprises with a video where she looks totally bald

Although the actress originally from San José, Costa Rica, Maribel Guardiais considered one of the most attractive and inspiring women in the artistic world, on this occasion she caused a stir and confusion with her appearance, because through the networks she surprised with a video where it shines totally bald spot.

In the images that her own Maribel Guardia shared through her Instagram account, you can see the interpreter of Doña Inés in the successful play, The Comic Tenorioshowing off his head without a single hairalthough it is normally appreciated to have long and abundant hair.

Maribel GuardiaShe even assured that she had decided to get rid of her hair because a new project required it, which for her meant a great challenge as an actress.

“Well, I had to introduce you to this makeover. I dared to do it because it was a television project, it was a very important challenge and I wanted to take the plunge. She was already fed up with my long hair and especially with my fringe. Oh God! Welcome Spring, and I hope you like my makeover. Would you do it?” Said the beautiful 62-year-old actress.

Although the beautiful actress of the new telenovela Jose Alberto “El Guero” Castro, Crown of tears 2, a sequel to the 2012 production of the same name; caused astonishment and commotion with her new look, although it was only a little joke that she achieved thanks to a curious filter that virtually eliminates hair.

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Although it was a bit strange to see Maribel Guardia without her very long intense black hair, the reality is that she confirmed the famous saying “the one who is pretty, is pretty”, because even without a single hair on her head, she looked fantastic and beautiful.

“The proof that La que es bella is beautiful with or without hair! even more so when beauty comes from the heart, that is not overshadowed by anyone”, “It is a filter, but it suits her very well”, “Hahahaha loving that look”, “You are very beautiful, inside and out”, “It looks better assiii” , “The truth looks just as beautiful”, were some of the comments that were written to him.

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The truth is that the ex-wife of the Mexican singer Joan Sebastiancontinues to keep her beautiful hair, because she is still recording the soap opera Crown of Tears 2next to the beautiful Victoria Ruffo and Africa Zavalawith whom he has made a great team on and off screen.

In fact, they have shown that they are not only extremely talented, but also very funny, by starring in a series of TikToks in which they have shown off their best dance steps, and have caused a sensation on the networks, especially for encouraging the beautiful Queen to do it.