Maribel Guardia wears a deep elegance navy blue dress

for the beautiful artist Costa RicanMaribel Guardia, there is no better situation than sharing her great joy and learning with her fans, also sharing some of her best photo shoots on her official Instagram profile. Instagraman account where she is very active.

On this occasion it is one of the most recent publications in his official profile of Instagrama photograph in which he appears modeling a pretty Y fancy dress in navy blue, spectacular, combining it perfectly with sneakers of the same tone and earrings in the form of flowers also of the same color, her usual and perfect hairstyle, a face that seems carved by the angels themselves and of course that smile and positive attitude that characterizes it.

No doubt our beloved actress Not only does she know how to play a role, but she also really enjoys sharing with us how good one of the dresses she is promoting can look, collaborating with various online stores that want to make themselves known.

And it is that the singer he has been practicing this of being influencersimply sharing her best images, willing to continue working to support her family and continue growing in that fruitful artistic career that she has had to this day.

Of course, the likes began to arrive immediately and so far they have accumulated more than 23,000, excellent numbers that demonstrate all that attention and support that they have from Internet users who do not stop following their steps, as well as thousands of comments where they could not miss out on expressing themselves and even confessing the great love they have for her.

Maribel Guardia / Instagram

Maribel Guardia shared this incredible navy blue outfit.

Maribel Guardia also posted a very interesting phrase that said: “Whatever you do, they will criticize you, so do what you want”, motivating her followers to do what they want to do so much, no matter what they do. others think about it.

And it is that the famous knows very well how people handle themselves, which is why she wants to share all this experience and learning that she has accumulated over the years, she has a lot to give us, not only her physique.

And so we can end for today, we invite you to continue discovering all the interesting things about this celebrity and many others, news from the entertainment world, entertainment and much more, so you don’t miss it.

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