Marie Claire denies separation from José Manuel Figueroa

Marie Claire Harp knows that she does not have to explain her personal life to anyone, but this time she has decided to deny an alleged separation from José Manuel Figueroa.

“José Manuel and I are very well; I am at my sister’s house for a few days because José Manuel went on tour to the United States and I do not like to be alone and every time I have a free space I seek to be with my people,” he declared. in a live broadcast for TVyNovelas.

This action of leaving for a few days with her sister caused the false news that Marie Claire was leaving the apartment and separating from José Manuel.

“They began to say that I had taken things out of the apartment, that I had taken things with me… to begin with, they cannot say that I took things out because the things that are in that apartment are my things; and they began to say that I was walking with a businessman from Monterrey named Jorge Badillo… but Jorge Badillo is a fellow driver for BandaMax and we are very good friends!”

The relationship between Marie Claire and José Manuel began a year ago and since then they have had a torrid and dizzying romance that has them about to reach the altar.

For this reason, Marie Claire wanted to clarify the false separation.

“They invented a story that he had taken out even the dogs. My sister is a plastic artist and has a workshop with some sculptures. I took a photo of them a long time ago and put them on Instagram; and well, they took those photos to say that they were part of the things that I had taken from the apartment and that I had thrown away”.

As it is not the first time, Marie Claire has made a drastic decision to respond.

“They have tried by all means to say that we have already separated. I am going to have a legal procedure, I have my name registered in Mexico and I can do it because I am tired of this.”