Marie Kondo renounces order: it must be in our hearts and minds – El Sol de México

The Queen of the orderly lifestyle, marie kondohas found a new challenge which describes how exhaustingWell, since he was born to his Third son in 2021, order and cleaning are a theme hard in their life everyday.

The Japanese granted a interview in the newspaper US, The Washington Postin which marie kondo explains that he continues to maintain the joy of always, but today it does not depend on having a house ordered.

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introspection and reflection have become more important in your life than a drawer full of t-shirts perfectly bent or a cabinet of spices worth instagram.

Tidy means taking care of all the ‘stuffof you life”, he writes in his book Marie Kondo’s Kurashi at Home: How to Organize Your Space and Achieve Your Ideal Life”, where the japanese 38 years old, expands the concept kurashieither “Lifestyle“.

“So what do you really want to put into order?”, Question kondo.

motherhood has not changed his way of thinking, he has only modified his vision, because today he knows that his house will be messy and says that it has been given overdue in that in the good sense. Now kondo ensures that he realizes that the most important for her it is enjoying time with her children at home.

at the end of the interview, marie kondo says that the order should be in our hearts and minds, emphasizing that these are the things you are with struggling at this time.