Marie-Sophie Lacarrau: Soon back for the TF1 newscast, she says everything about the terrible disease that struck her eye!

In December 2020, after the announcement of the departure of the late Jean-Pierre Pernaut, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau took over the controls of the JT of TF1. But a little over five months ago, the journalist suddenly disappeared from the air. And for good reason, the eye of Marie-Sophie Lacarrau was touched by “amoebic keratitis” which is a infection of the cornea by amoebas, parasites found in tap water. After a long convalescence, the 46-year-old journalist will take over the controls of the 1 p.m. news from this Monday, May 16.

Marie-Sophie Lacarrau: “Either we dive or we bounce higher”

The famous Marie-Sophie Lacarrau explained, in a video posted on social networks: “I am so much better! Finally, I look ahead and no longer behind. Knowing that I’m back on the air on Monday (May 16) is enough to make me happy. During my four and a half months of absence, I waited to resume a normal life and my work. I had no choice: I had to take care of myself. When you are hit by such an ordeal, it cuts your legs and you either dive or bounce higher. Me, I bounce higher. Today, I feel stronger and full of energy. I have always been calm. There, I come back even more zen. »

Then : “For several weeks I saw him every day, then every other day. Then, it was necessary to reaccustom my eye to the light, to re-educate it. At first I wore sunglasses then I started taking them off. My eye has resumed its habits with surrounding light. He now accepts it. Over the past ten days, I tested a working day: in the morning I wrote a diary to get him used to the computer and in the afternoon I recorded fake news. My eye reacted very well. If I resume, everything is back to normal. » We can’t wait to find her! And you?