Marilou Berry reveals her son Andy, who has grown up well



From the height of his four years, the grandson of Josiane Balasko dreams of being a racing driver.

For nearly four years, Marilou Berry has been the mother of a little boy named Andy. A family life that she shares with her companion Alexis, a street artist who calls himself “Le Diamantaire”. Sunday August 7, the 39-year-old actress shared a short video showing her son. Images that do not go unnoticed, since the young Andy grows up out of sight.

Like many celebrities, Marilou Berry hides her son’s face by filming him from behind. Andy is then in the middle of the game, taking himself for a driver, the electronic steering wheel well in hand. “Now that’s right. Here we are now on the left, ”explains the boy. A scene that does not fail to amuse the daughter of Josiane Balasko: “There are many turns on this road!” she says. A video that shows that Andy has grown well since his last appearance on social networks with his grandmother Josiane Balasko.

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Andy, the son of Marilou Berry, appears on Instagram on August 7, 2022.

Andy, the son of Marilou Berry, appears on Instagram on August 7, 2022.

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While she was on the show “C à vous”, in 2019, Josiane Balasko confided in this new role of grandmother: “It is the first time that I am a grandmother, it It is the flesh of his flesh,” she confided with tenderness. “At first when he was born, I didn’t even dare to take him in my arms because I had forgotten all the maternal gestures to support a child. I was afraid to drop it on the ground, for example, because I’m clumsy (…). We are obsessed, we only think about that. We have his photo on the phone and when he is there we look at him stupidly…”

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Since then, Andy has grown. In September 2021, he made his first return to school and this, in a school that his mother knows well: “Ayé… new rhythm for the next 15-20 years on! Fun fact: my son goes to the same school as me… with the same mistresses that I had… the ones I preferred in all my life!”, Marilou Berry explained on Instagram.