Marilou makes a bittersweet publication on this Christmas day

While our social networks are invaded by photos of happy people, a drink in hand, with family, Marilou shared on December 25 a selfie a little different.

Indeed, we see her with a tear in her eye in her car.

She writes this: Life goes on even if it’s Christmas Day.

And life is not all about sharing, joy and ecstasy.

Dropping my daughter off at her dad’s is a reminder of my own childhood hurts that come up so strongly on this symbolic day… and I try not to stifle anything, even though there are a ton of joyful photos and pressure of be happy especially today.

Grief, guilt, boredom, discouragement, disappointment are all emotions that should be welcome at the table tonight and today.

I’m having people I love at home tonight and it makes me happy. My joy and sorrow overlap and that’s okay, even though it’s Christmas.

Be gentle and attentive to yourself and others too “.

This is an important lesson to remember on this Christmas day.

Congratulations to Marilou for having the courage to make this post and Merry Christmas to all, no matter what you are going through today.

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