Marine Le Pen as a couple? She answers cash

The private life of the 2022 presidential candidates is a particularly juicy subject for French citizens. This is also the reason why most of them prefer to play with the honesty card. As was precisely the case of Marine Le Pen. The latter who was the guest of Cyril Hanouna in Face à Baba had indeed answered without the slightest detour to the question like what is she currently in a relationship? If no one had ever dared to ask him before, it was therefore necessary to wait for the star host of C8 to get started before being certain of the answer.

Marine Le Pen single and proud of it

Marine Le Pen as well to confide that she had been single for three years now. A situation that suits her perfectly and that she does not want to change for the moment. The RN candidate had been firm in her decision to no longer couple because she had so far only seen falsehood in men. Another way for her to say that she will devote the next five years to the service of France and the French people. The daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen had also declared that she would be alone at the Elysée and she had already gotten used to the idea.

Marine Le Pen therefore feels no apprehension at the idea of ​​being the only candidate to enter the Elysée single. She would still have to win the election. This emblematic figure of French politics intends in any case to work twice as hard during his campaign in order to convince the voters.