Mario Cimarro, from ‘Pasión de gavilanes’, will become a father

Cuban actor Mario Cimarro, star of the telenovela ‘Pasión de gavilanes’, announced through his social networks that he and his fiancee, the Slovak model Bronislava Gregusová, are expecting their first child.

The artist who was married to the Venezuelan actress Natalia Streignard, from ‘Mi gorda bella’, and with whom he failed to have children, Now he would be fulfilling his dream of having a family at 50 years old.

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The television heartthrob posted on Instagram a series of photos of him and his partner, as well as a video of an ultrasound in which the fetus is clearly seen. Along with this post, Cimarro wrote: “The day your name is dressed in blue and silver, the soul finds itself and its beaches are flooded with seas. Brando or Briana, may your day and your name shine, may it shine among the stars.”

For her part, Bronislava did the same by sharing the same images with her followers with the following text: “You are already loved with all of our hearts, body and soul. You will be treated like the miracle you are.”

In 2019, the Cuban actor made his relationship official with the former beauty queen, and further announced that they had become engaged in marriage.

The woman who is 20 years younger than Cimarro, She competed in the Miss Universe 2015 representing her country, and although he did not obtain the precious crown, he managed to start a career in the world of modeling. She is also a journalist and writer.

She accompanies the artist wherever he needs to record, as she recently did when she settled in Villa de Leyva while her fiancé worked on the production of ‘Pasión de gavilanes’.