Mario Irivarren attacked Vania Bludau in a nightclub, according to Magaly Medina | he grabbed her neck entertainment RMMN | PEOPLE

vania bludau She finally broke her silence and agreed to speak with the journalistic director of “Magaly TV: La Firme” to confirm that she was the victim of physical abuse by her ex-partner Mario Irivarren, according to Magaly Medina.

The “Urraca” recounted details of this conversation, in which the model ended up revealing that she was attacked by the former reality boy in front of several people in a nightclub.

Vania Bludau met with my journalistic director, José Luis, and she told him that Mario had attacked her and had done it, the last time, publicly in a place in the south (of Lima) and that he had grabbed her by the neck”, revealed the ATV figure.

Magaly Medina assured that the former reality girl is not yet encouraged to denounce these events publicly because she is waiting for it to be mario irivarren who admits that he raped her.

The influencer also spoke in front of cameras. Although she did not want to confirm her physical attacks, she said that she had already spoken with the former member of “This is war” for him to assume his mistakes, however, he would not have obtained an affirmative answer.

What turned me on (Mario) is that he doesn’t want to stone himself in the media, say that kind of thing in front of cameras (…) I’m really going to appeal to his good judgment. (If he denies me?) I would be very sorryBludau pointed out.


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