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The participant of “This Is War” Mario Irivarren He denied the rumors about an alleged romance with a reality girl from the Tarapoto team.

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In the interview for ‘América Espectáculos’, Vania Bludau’s ex-boyfriend assured that he is currently single. “I really like the girls, they are super cute. I have grown very fond of them, but it does not go beyond a friendship, ”he said.

“That I am falling in love with a girl from Tarapoto is false. Although who knows and with a good tacacho or a good juane he can convince me, ”added Irivarren.

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Likewise, the model assured that he regretted that some competitors have to leave the reality show. “But they are the rules of the game, they are out of our hands. (…) I have no relationship with anyone, I am more alone than a roofing dog, ”he said.

Mario Irivarren discards romance with a reality girl

Mario Irivarren happy with his singleness: “I’m quite home lately”

The member of ‘This is war’, Mario Irivarren made it clear that he is enjoying his bachelorhood. What’s more, after finishing with Vania Bludau he had his traveling stage, but now he is calmer dedicated to work and training to look good in the summer.

“I am calm (single), I had my stage as an uncontrolled traveler, things happened for me to travel, nothing was planned and everything happened due to things in life, but right now I am focused on work and training. I want to dedicate myself to training a lot and I want to arrive with a better body. I’ve been quite home lately,” explained Mario Irivarren.