Mario Irivarren makes it clear after controversy with Vania Bludau: “I’m still looking for my emotional peace” RMMN | SHOWS

The young businessman and former reality boy, mario irivarren He came forward to clarify that at this time in his life he wants to be in peace after the back and forth that he has starred in with his ex-partner, Vania Bludau, who accused him of physical aggression and abuse.

This was said in an interview for the program “America today”, where he also asked his close friends and family not to get involved in the controversy that he lives with Vania Bludau. This after her friend Evelin Jimenez revealed chats of a conversation with the young woman without her consent.

In this case I want to clarify that I had not the slightest idea that Evelyn would make those statements. I did not consent to it, I did not approve of it and of course I do not support it… I also take this opportunity to ask anyone in my close circle to refrain from making any type of comment. Since I do not authorize or endorse it. That it is clear that the only person who is in a position to say, affirm or tell something is me. And that, if he had the intention of doing it, he would do it personally, not through someone”, clarified Mario Irivarren.

The businessman assured that the situation he is experiencing with Vania Bludau has helped him understand the importance of being good to himself and offering the best of himself.

I am always seeking to understand, heal, improve and I find myself in that process. I have shown that my intention is not to start a war, get into bickering or attack someone, I am still looking for my emotional and personal peace. I want to continue working on myself, in my personal work and that both Vania and I can find peace and tranquility to heal”, he narrowed down.

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