Mario Vargas Llosa talks about the reasons for the break with Isabel Preysler: “They are not true” | entertainment-celebs-news | SHOWS

The Nobel Prize in Literature, Mario Vargas Llosa, declared for the first time about his separation with the socialite Isabel Preysler, after eight years of relationship. An unexpected news that surprised many because they were considered one of the most stable couples.

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Upon his arrival in Madrid from Paris, where he spent New Years, the writer commented that there was no reason for the break with Preysler, surprising the media that came to receive him.

I feel very well”, affirmed at first the author of ‘Antics of the bad girl’, who wore a coat and a black hat. “What I want is to confirm the interview that Isabel has given in ¡Hola!”, added Vargas Llosa through some brief statements to the magazine ¡Hola!.

It also put an end to rumors that jealousy was the cause. “The reasons for the breakup do not exist, it is not true”, he sentenced.

As recalled, the Spanish socialite was in charge of confirming this news through an interview with the international magazine Hello!.

“Mario and I have decided to end our relationship definitively (…) I do not want to give any further statement and I thank my friends and the media for helping us in this decisionsays Preysler.