Marion Game (Household Scenes): she insults the new couple in the series

Marion Game has been in the cast of Scènes de Ménages for several years now. The actress has indeed seen all the colors since all this time. Including the arrival of the new actors of the program. The latest arrivals also seem not to have managed to enter his heart if we refer to the last statements of the actress during her visit to Jordan. She did not hesitate to point the finger at them for the work they allegedly stole from her. Words that are of course to be taken in the second degree.

Marion Game very cash in her remarks

Always Marion Game to continue like what the new couples of Scenes of Household were far from being null. Only that she found they had no real interest. Particularly raw words testifying to his frustration with those who have just joined the show. This is a kind of appeal to the attention of the production of the program which continues to increase the number of actors. This has the gift of shortening the benefits of the old. In this case the retired couple she plays with Raymond.

Marion Game’s point of view is very simple, she doesn’t want to stop. His desire is to continue to play in Scènes de Ménages for quite some time. It remains to be seen if her foot call will be heard by the production for which she did not hide having deep respect.